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We offer a service for companies that want corporate level technology, corporate ways of working and corporate level results but yet aren’t able or willing to commit just yet to having a full time board level IT Director or CIO.

We have been involved in technology for over 30 years and have worked in the corporate world for over 25 years with clients including IBM, HP, Boeing, Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury’s from Retail to Insurance from Airplanes to Investment Banks we have seen most ways of delivering IT services. We’ve seen what works and we know what doesn’t.

Getting technology to deliver as an SME is not always an easy task, perhaps it has grown up as the need arose, or you were sold a system that doesn’t now fit your needs, maybe your customers demand more than they did only a few years ago. Whatever the reason, we find that many SME’s are struggling to get their technology to delver what the business truly needs. More than ever before technology is moving at a faster pace and companies are being forced in to systems, solutions and products that only fit the need for the sales man and not your company.

It could be the stock and production systems are not linked, the sales and invoicing systems need manual intervention, the customer contact system isn’t integrated, or maybe it’s just that you are getting to tired of hearing excuses about why the technology fails.

Whatever your situation, however your business is being affected and hampered by your technology then I know we can help you.

When you engage the Virtual IT Director you are getting years of knowledge and experience of IT and business and you get piece of mind and security in knowing that before long you will have the IT systems you and your business need to operate in todays customer demanding 24 x 7 culture.

Working with your senior executives and IT manager or team we will assess where you are today and we do this in a structured but informal way during a short workshop, typically a few hours. From this we can establish where your technology works and where it doesn’t, where you processes are slick and where they are stuck. It’s often not until these things are looked at in this level of detail, and by out side eyes, that the true picture can emerge.

From there you will receive an report on the state of the technology and you can then decide to work with us further to help implement or you can take what we provide and you can implement it yourself or working with us and your IT team to do it together, which is the approach many take. We can bring our years of experience and our own TeamTechnology™ methodology to make the transformation to great even faster.


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The Vitrtual IT Director is a trading name of Infinitely Inspired Ltd No. 07838877