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Stop Tearing Your Hair Out

I was speaking with a customer, Simon, the other day who is MD of a medium sized company, around £28M turnover, so doing ok, but they were really struggling with their IT. The technology just didn’t really gel, they had systems for everything but nothing really integrated and it was getting to the point where […]

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It’s A Crime

It’s a crime the way some companies allow their IT teams to let the same things happen over and over. The most common of which is the re-occurring glitch, a system that keeps going down, a piece of software that crashes, a network switch that drops all the connections or choose any that you have […]

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Do You Eat The Same Dish Every Day?

I love food but I don’t actually mind eating the same thing each day, if I like it I like, I seldom get tired of it. So my breakfast and lunch will often be the same, dinner less so as I usually share that with my wife, not the same plate of course. But when it comes to work […]

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